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Lirik Lagu The Road to Revolution - Dream Theater Album The Astonishing

Sebelumnya postingan ini merupakan bagian dari Kumpulan Lirik Lagu Dream Theater Album The Astonishing. Selengkapnya kalian dapat mengklik tautan/link tersebut.

The Road to Revolution - Act I - Track #20

Inside Gabriel’s Hideout - Daytime
He only sees what he desires to see
It took a while but finally he agreed
Though everything may not turn out as planned
If love’s a risk
It’s worth the chance
I know where there is faith there’s always hope
We’ll meet beneath the stars at Heaven’s Cove
Where ghosts of yesterday
Once filled the lighted stage
Taking our first step down a new road
In the town of Ravenskill - Daytime

Arhys’ time is running out
What will your decision be?
If you still have any doubt
Think about Evangeline

Inside the home of Arhys and X - Daytime
On the road to revolution
Our salvation’s never free
There’s a price for liberation
When you stand for your beliefs

When the man in the mirror
Takes a long, hard look at me
Will the person staring back
Be the man I want to be?

Inside the Emperor’s Palace - Daytime
Change my mind
A waste of time
For soon he will be mine
Open eyes
Help me see which choice
Is right