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Kali ini cuma share lirik lagu billfold yang terbaru saja. Yaitu lagu 'Brave' sesuai dengan nama album pertama mereka yang dipasang di nomer 2 pada tracklist album ini. Ini asli hasil ketikan sayah dari kaset CD Billfold yang sayah beli di linoleum Bandung. Selamat bernyanyi.


We have a great time, you should listen to this song
Did you over think? When everyone looks the same
What would you do to yourself? If youlooks the same with them

Brave to make you different, try to something new
Don't charge your way again, to follow what you want

You wil have to say to breaking away
(Breaking away, and you try everyday)
You don't have to say falling away
(falling away, and don't try everyday)

'Coz life won't bring you down, if you trying to rise
You're not wasting your time, you better fight for your life
From here you will be a brave

Don't be afraid to find a way,
you'll never lucky enough without pray everyday
And whre it brings you to everlasting serenity
The wind of peace will brings you and make it better place

Nothing's gonna change now, the way you lead your life
Nothing's gonna bring you down, your strongest way will guides you
You are in Brave!

M: Pam | A: Billfold | L: Pam & Gania

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